Exhibition of Achievements
of the National Economy

Exhibition of Achievements of the National Economy (EANE) in Kyiv was opened in 1958.
The main goal of EANE was to demonstrate prosperity and advantages of soviet system. EANE was a paradoxical symbol of Soviet era – on the exhibition you could see many goods you could never see in soviet shops.

After the crash of the Soviet Union for several years EANE was abandoned, then people started to use this space for commercial exhibitions, now – for art festivals, exhibitions etc. Some central pavilions still in good condition, but some of them slowly disintegrate.
But all of them keep strong visual and stylistic connection with Soviet era.

EANE is a symbol of big lie, on which all Soviet system was build. I see it as metaphor of bygone era: it’s dying hard and slowly, and somewhere we can see gold on the stars, but this epoch thing of the past and could not be restored – only rethought and transformed.